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Small Rooms, Big Returns 

Electronic Musician’s E. E. Bradman talked about scoring Oscar nominated documentaries with Emile (Incident in New Baghdad) and Gunnard Doboze, (Saving Face, which won). Read more…


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Big Sounds from The Small Studio

George Petersen’s interview in Cine Sound Pro magazine covers the techniques and technology used to score Incident in New Baghdad. Read more…



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Menasché Scores War Documentary

A short item in Pro Sound News about Emile’s work on Incident in New Baghdad. Read more…



OvertonesVintage Guitar Review


VG“…a beautiful set of acoustic music that evokes many moods…a mix of Latin,  jazz and folk that works wonderfully with Menasché’s mastery of the instrument.”

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Overtones Acoustic Magazine Review

AC“It’s suitably austere and uncluttered, with no pretentious gimmicks or effects muddying the big, beautiful tone of his three Guild guitars… It’s a thoughtful work, so submerge yourself in its depths to enjoy the full effect.”